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and accountability from the obama administration. in pakistan alone amnesty international reports there have been at least 300 drone missile attacks in less than a decade. the government in pakistan estimate 400 civilians have been killed as a result of drone strikes. in washington this week for a meeting for president obama pakistan's prime minister naw az sharif has under scored the concern. >> i would therefore stress the need for an end to drone attacks. >> reporter: at the heart of it is accountability. critics say the obama administration is not open about how drones are used, where they are used in places like yemen and how targets are chosen. >> the most challenging situation we had to face was the complete and utter secrecy of the u.s. authorities. because of that we cannot be 100% certain, but we are extremely concerned that these and other killings documented in our report may constitute war crimes . >> it is a hard factor that drone strikes have resulted in civilian casualties. a risk in every war. for the families of those civilians no words or legal construct can justify their loss.
the pakistani government has been cooperating first with the bush administration and now with the obama administration. it's been the obama administration h that has increased the frequency of these attacks some would argue out of a sense that the pakistanis have not been doing enough to crack down on taliban and al qaeda sacactivitywithin it's borders. there was recently a front page story in the "washington post" that outlined in detail, not just how much access the pakistani government was giving to washington, but the fact that the pakistanis were getting top level intelligence briefings about the targets and the strategies used in deciding when to launch these attacks. it's worth keeping note that pakistani citizens do not like these drone attacks. so it's not surprising that you would see a vociferous objection from the highest level in the islamabad government because they have to find a way to play canadian theiplacate their citi. >> if it's killing pakistanis why this latest call for accountability. >> the prime minister was recently re-elected as prime minister. he has not bee
. cgi, the contractor developing the site may have warned the obama administration that it would not be ready tro go live on october 1st. we know the administration says it needs until the end of november to fix the technical glitches. that's two months after it launched. to comment the penalty for not enrolling under the new law is effectively waved for six weeks. the new deadline will be march 31st. if you are one of the estimated 15 million americans who buy your own insurance, you are not employed through an employer or insured through an employer, you have to sign up for coverage by the deadline or face a penalty. you can do that through your insurer or go to the government changes, assuming works one day. >> 8.5 million of 15 million could qualify for a subsidy. the affordable part of the affordable care act may be a misnomer for 6.5 millions that didn't qualify. we talk to a couple in carolina available. >> gregs and his wife got an unpresent surprise - health premiums are doubling. they pay $629 to cover themselves and daughter sophie. in a letter blue cros
? that's tonight's inside story. >> hello, i'm libby casey in washington. as the obama administration races to fix the website, critics are turning up the heat. the latest issue, how many americans who have to pay for their own health insurance now have to switch to fl comply with the law. we'll give the affordable healthcare act a checkup, who will have to change their plans and why, and how will it affect young healthy americans. the success depends on the young signing up in large numbers. >> on capitol hill today marilyn tavenar, the administrator for cms answered tough questions about the affordabl affordable . >> i want to assure you that it can and will be fixed, and we're working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> reporter: but new to the hearing, individuals receiving cancellation letters from their insurance providers. >> i would take them back to the free affordable care act days if you were in the market, half the individuals in the market did not stay on their policies, they were kicked off for pre-existing conditions.
the actions of the nsa harmful. he is still wanted by the obama administration and despite the contact with the german members of parliament he remains in russia. ♪ >> some big name players in the n.f.l. received bad news today. michael eaves is here with sports. michael. >> yeah for two different reasons. >> justin blackman has been suspended indefinitely without pay for a violation of the substance abuse policy. he was suspended for the first four games of this season for violating this policy. marking the third violation of this policy in 18 sponts. 18 months. the bengals have lost atkins for the rest of the season. atkins signed a 55 million-dollar contract before this season. this injury comes less than a week than the bengals lost four players to injury during a blow out win to the new york jets. >> and the new york yankees are signing derick jeter to a 12 12 12 million-dollar contract. guaranteeing he will play his entire career with the yankees. the all time leader in hits, games and stolen bases and has been part of five world series championship teams. >>> those are your sp
has not worked as well as it should. >> a member of the obama administration apologize for the website that has been plagued by problems since launching last month. testifying tuesday, marlin tavenner did not give many reason for website issues. she did not give specific numbers and how many people have actually signed up for insurance. those facts and figures are expected to come in another hearing, when her boss, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testifies later this morning. that hearing could get heated, since some republicans have been calling for her to be fired. >> i don't think anyone would deny this fact on either side of the political aisle. these past 29 days have been nothing short of a disaster. >> as republicans attack the problem-plagued website as representative of larger troubles with the affordable care act. >> the problem with obamacare isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> democrats fiercely defend the law and site. >> everybody needs to chill out, because it is going to work. >> we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping ex
to aljazeera america. >> for more than a month now, the obama administration has been saying how many millions of people have visited the health care website, but they have kept quiet about exactly how many have enrolled, insisting they do not have those numbers. >> new documents show the white house has a pretty good idea. >> even the president admits has problems. >> the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck. >> just how many people have gotten stuck or how many ever enrolled are figures the obama administration has been denying the public for days now. >> you have no numbers on who's enrolled? you have no idea. >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> white house war room notes seem to show exact enrollment numbers for the first two days were off to a slow start. the notes say by the end of the second day, only 248 people had actually enrolled nationwide. a staggering statistic, considering that the site had nearly 5 million unique visitors in the first 24 hours. the chairman of the oversight committee requested and released the war room notes.
to make. the saudis have been very concerned that the obama administration simply hasn't done enough to try to bring the civil war in syria to an end, and they have made their pleasure known. one, by not takingun of the non-permanent seat did on the u.n. security council. and, two, by deciding to not take part in certain diplomatic and military operations with the u.s. where these things would normally happen otherwise. so this is a chance for saudis to express concerns to kerry, not just about syria but also about iran. the saudis are very concerned about the iranians trying to assume a greater role in regional politics, and it doesn't want to be pushed out. so kerry has to go with listening to these concerns, trying to placate the saudis as best he can. >>> in syria, government forces tried to quell much government controlled areas. assad's regime has tried to secure that area from months. video shows thick smoke. al jazeera cannot verify these videos. more than 100,000 people have been killed since that war began two and a half years ago. >>> meanwhile, another area of syria, a gi
as we know with the obama administration they communicate mainly with leaks to the press. the latest one is to the wall street journal which said that president obama discovered the world leaders being surveyed after an internal review discovered that in the summertime. president obama then asked for the surveillance of angela merkel's phone to be cease. not so with various world leaders if there are other world leaders watching right now you are not out of the woods yet. this is a push back from germany media that president obama was briefed about the surveillance in 2010. not only did the president say that surveillance should continue, he ordered that intelligence come from out of that surveillance come directly to the white house and out of the national security agency. we expect the press briefing from the white house, the official line to come in the coming hours. >> and there is an european delegation come together white house today. what do they hope to accomplish? >> reporter: we should bear in mind that this delegation has long been organized. the european parliament has an inq
to do the same. cgi, the main contractor developing the website may have warned the obama administration that it wouldn't be ready to go live on october 1st. either way this is what we know as of now. it needs until the end of november to fix the technical glitches on . two months after the launch. all right, so now what we have to figure out is what happens after that. it's not really about the launch that's the most important thing. what the issue is what people are going to end up paying. to compensate for the delay the penalty >> maybe a good thing. i don't. >> what dubonnet? >> well, what i mean is the following. look, let's start with the big picture. the big ping is most americans. vast majority of americans get health insurance from their employer or from the government. for those folks nothing changed on january 1. we're really drilling down to a relatively small slice of americans 6% who buy their insurance on their own. of that population half of which already have insurance that is better than the minimum set up by the law. those individuals whose insurance has
that wouldn't know about things like this. >> reporter: according to the associated press, the obama administration is reportedly spending $684 million a year on pup i willsty, marketing and advertising, much of it parsed out to states for their ad campaigns. ♪ >> reporter: the anti-obamacare camp is using the same tactic. the group generation opportunity which has received $5 million, $750,000 of which was earmarked for anti-obamacare initiatives featured creepy uncle sam. the videos urge young people to opt out of obamacare. americans for prosperity a free market advocacy group has also posted anti-obamacare videos online. like generation opportunity, they are hoping to wu their audience away from obamacare and ultimately repeal the law. both sides have their work cut out for them. a recent gallup poll showed 69% of 18 to 29 year olds didn't even know they had to buy insurance. it is unclear who is winning the information war, but for or against, the videos are raising awareness. >>> today the senate committee is holding another hearings concerning background checks on contractor
has been cooperating - first, with the bush administration, now with the obama administration on this drone strike program. certainly it's been the obama administration that has increased the frequency of the attacks, some would argue, out of a sense that the pakistanis have not done enough to crackdown on taliban in al qaeda activity within its borders. there was a front page story in the wopt out -- "the washington post" outlining in detail not just how much access the pakistanie government gave to washington, but they would get a top level intelligence briefing about the targets and strategies used in deciding when to launch the attacks. it's worth keeping note that pakistani citizens do not like the drone attacks. it's not surprising you'd see a vociferous objection from the highest levels in the islamabad government. they have to find a way to placate their citizens. >> if it's killing a person terrorizing so many pakistanis, why this call for accountability? >> you have to remember nawaz sharif, who used to be the prime minister has recently been elected as prime ministe
kerry's mission to deliver a message from the obama administration on what washington expect kie re t cairn the white so weeks and months a. how can they move toward working toward democracy. the trip was unannounced and that was denying egypt the ability to say look the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the past five months. so by having this unannounced trip the u.s. was able to send a message that it does disapprove of what has happened. that said, the u.s. also is making it very plain and we heard this from secretary kerry on sunday that the u.s. looks to egypt as a security partner across the middle east. they have had a long standing military relationship. egyptian soldiers train here in the u.s. and the u.s. looks to egypt to-mayb to maintain secur. particularly with the park par f israel with the u.s. has a peace treaty and they look to egypt to make sure that insurdon'surgecss don't get a toe hold. egypt has had an outside amount of influence in regional politics and the u.s. sees that in the long-term interest it is best to be an ally
record was in 1996. the raiders won 21-19. jonathan. >>> criticism of obama and his administration over the nsa spying allegations. just ahead. plus. >> i'm libby duff, the effects that sand mining is having on the environment and people's lives. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories this sunday night. a critical part of the affordable care act went down tonight. unclear how long it will take to fix that problem. >>> the syrian government has met an ambitious deadline, coming three days early, a critical step to eventually destroy syria's arsenal. >>> rock leader lou reed passed away at the age of 71. his agent said his death was related to a recent liver transplant. >>> nsa's strained transatlantic ties. a german magazine claims that the u.s. was tapping angela merkel's cell phone for more than a decade. >> when president obama spoke at brandenburg gate this summer, the u.s. was already facing tough questions about its sphainsurveillance programs. >> our current programs are bound by the rule of law and they're focused on threats to our security not the co
their shots, fair and unfair at president obama and his administration. but by any viewing this was not a good week for the president. second terms always have their rough patches but history shows they can be overcomed and mr. mr. obama has never shied from a crisis. however the usually hands-on president seemed unaware of problems, and in one case just plain left out of the loop. what is a leader looking towards a legacy to do about it? >> as software glitches on the affordable care act website persist, and allied nation phone following comes to line. the president was on a high seen as above that particular political fray, but it didn't last long. according to a journal pol poll just 42% of americans approve of the president's job performance, an all-time low for president obama, indicating frustration with how he's leading the country . the signature policy the affordable air act launched. frustrated users and members of congress are pushing for answers. >> healthcare reform in this state was a success. it doesn't mean that it was perfect right away. there were early problems to solve. the
drinking the kool-aid from the obama fountain to look at it rationally. >> talking about the obama administration, a senior administration official told the "new york times," a quote, it's not that the nsa or the intelligence community were going rogue or operating out of bounds. is that the issue here that other countries spy on the u.s. to the degree their technology allows? and isn't that, in fact, what the nsa did? they just simply did business as usual? >> they are going rogue and out of bounds because they are violating section 215 of the patriot act and section 702 of the fisa amendments act as well as the fourth amendment of the constitution. and as i said earlier, i get it. embassies spy on embassies and intelligence groups spy on one another. but we don't spy on innocent, perfectly innocent citizenship, an entire populace of a nation as well as the high level conversations of the actual leader's hand-held device. >> if that broad monitoring of population ended up finding terrorist plots, how would you respond to that? >> again it would be an ends-justify-the-means argumen
will be talking to congress about theirs ordeals. >>> both president obama and congress speaking about limiting the nsa's powers. spain is the latest country that was spied on by that agencies. >>> the obama administration is giving consumers more time to sign up for health care coverage, a six week extension. this will help them avoid new tax penalties. the move comes after the troubled rollout of the president's overhaul of the health care plan. that is it for your update. check us out at we will see you then. check . . lz >> >> >> >>> welcome to al jazeera america. stories. a bipartisan group of lawmakers plans to introduce a bill that could strip the nsa of om of its powers. if passed it ends the agency's ability to bulk collect phone records and restrict who it can spy on. >> fighting in syria blocked u.n. inspectors from access to two chemical weapons facilities, a setback in an attempt to rid syria of chemical weapons. inspectors did not say whether the syrian rebels or the government was responsible for the delay. negotiations for access are under way. >>> abortion right
the obama administration is reportedly spending $684 million a year on publish police the marketing, and twicing much of it parsed out to states for their own ad campaigns. [♪ singing ] >> reporter: the anti-obamacare camp is using the same tactic. the group generation opportunity which has received $5 million from the conservative billionaire koch brothers, $750,000 was earmarked for anti-obamacare initiative produced "creepy uncle sam" generating 3 million views on youtube and urge young people to opposite out of obamacare saying it's cheaper to buy private plans or pay a fine. generation opportunity, they're hoping to woo their audience away from obamacare and force a repeal of the law. >> telling washington they can do better than obamacare. >> reporter: both sides have their work cut out for them. a recent gallop pol gallup poll showed 69% of 18 to 35 years olds did not know that they had to buy insurance. it's unclear who is winning the information war. but for or against the videos are raising awareness. >> the negative one makes me want to say, hey, wait a second. i want t
administration has previously said. david shuster is here to do that for us. >> tony, president obama has repeatedly said that for those who like their healthcare insurance they'll be able to keep it, but the reality for many that is not true. insurance companies have had to make adjustments to comply with the healthcare law. and state after state they're being forced to change their plans. insurance companies must meet basic minimum standards called essential health benefits. there are ten of these benefits that must be covered, doctor visits, emergency care, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care. many are receiving cancellation letters if their policies lack some of these standard. the people most affected by the cancellation are those who buy insurance by themselves such as freelancers and independent contractors, 14 million americans, nearly everybody else gets their insurance through their employer or medicare and already has a plan that meets the standard. >> you got one of these notes in the mail from your insurancer who says you have to change area plan. is there a cost invo
, and tragically for the obama administration by avoiding small criticisms all along the way they actually stored up the criticism. >> what is the cost going to be like with the plans. we're not going to let you browse, then you'll see. >> exactly. >> this "s" this a problem? are they going about the fix the right way? >> you know, the fix, very often what happens with government projects is reality and truths only after everyone else can see it. that's the point at which the techies can finally say to the politicians, look, you can't just fantasize that this will be a perfect system. the people in charge of the fix seem to know what they're doing. they've given themselves a longer time frame. they used to be talking about a few days and then a couple of weeks. now they're saying a it's six weeks of work. >> what does your experience tell you? >> my experience says they'll fix part of it in a month. part of it we'll get the bits that are working better. >> but they can't afford another bad consumer experience come december 1. >> no, but i don't think there will be any more big launches. i think t
by the obama administration ongoing efforts to deal with the war in syria. ford had to answer many questions about why the humanitarian situation in syria is getting worse by the hour. he had to answer many questions about why it is the syrian on six hasn't been able to get it's act together as it were, in order to present a united front and a scheduled peace negotiations with the assad government. >> ford had to field many questions about whether the assad regime was some how getting a cover from it's main ally and protector russia because it's been able to hold off the opposition's efforts to over throw the regime in this lengthy civil war. ford's message is that the u.s. is trying to do things in concert with other countries and not to go it alone to coin a phrase. and he tried to make a point that he and his fellow members of the state department are personally very frustrated by the loss of life and the rampant spread of illness in the refugee populations in the country's surrounding syria. however that was not good enough for the senators. they wanted to see more concrete action, prefe
and women in uniform who died in iraq in the nine-year war there. remember in 2011 the obama administration was negotiating with the maliki government about exactly what an u.s. resit yowl force would look like in iraq. they were unable to come to an agreement. there are no troops in iraq. there is no over the horizon that would help momentarily help iraq cope with some of the domestic violence that the country is seeing now. this violence that we've been talking about. the violence that the president was criticizewas criticized for. they said no american force could help in these circumstances. these are political problems, they have to be worked out within iraq. i think we've sound bite as well of jay carney. i had a chance to ask him with 979 iraqis dead in october alone. both the white house and al maliki saying it's th it's al-q. >> the violence is coming from al-qaeda and it's affiliates. there is no question. when it comes to resolving differences between the parties and factions and ethnic groups and religious groups within iraq, that's hard work, and it's every leader's responsibi
are the top stories. president obama says his administration is reviewing the nsa policy on spying, after weeks of protests from the european nations about ease droving on world leaders. a european delegation is in washington this week talking about spying reports with u.s. government officials. 26 young men will soon receive a payout totalling $60 million from penn state university. the school is giving this settlement to victims abused by jerry sandusky a little more after a year for 45 counts of child sex abuse. >>> rick perry says a federal ruling will not stop ongoing efforts to protect women. a federal judge has tossed out some abortion restrictions passed by the texas legislature this summer calling them unconstitutional. the new rules were scheduled to take effect tuesday. the state's attorney general is appealing the ruling. >>> those are the headlines at this hour. i am john seigenthaler. "consider this" with antonio moro is next. i will see you here with the news and you can get the latest on >>> the white house back pedalling after more nsa backlash. internation
of the muslim brotherhood are charged with inciting killings. last month, the obama administration announced a freeze on military assistance to egypt as military officials insist they do not want to damage the relationship between the two countries. >> in egypt right now, protests are winding down now that the trial has adjourned for the day. hhe will be moved to a prison in alexandria until his trial resumes in january. >> the second stop of a whirl wind tour in the middle east for asks kerry. he is expected to discuss syria with the king in saudi arabia. he says they share the same goals. he says both countries want a transitional government in syria that does not include president assad. >> pakistan will review its relationship with the u.s. after a drone strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban who died friday near the afghanistan border. the attack threatens to derail peace talks with the militants launched just last week. a local political party wants to block nato supply routes into afghanistan. >> the man accused in the deadly shooting friday at the los angeles airport told
democratic and republican senators about what the senators consider to be the obama administration's flailing about for lack of a better expression, when it comes to dealing with the two and a half-year-old civil war inside sear i can't remember the senators were very critical of how the administration has responded to the humanitarian crisis, they were very critical of how the administration has dealt with the opposition in terms of providing material support. military support i should say, as well as other critical support in order to try to help them replace the assad regime. they also were very critical of the ongoing effort to his try to broker what's being called geneva two, another effort at peace talks between the assad government and the opposition. so a very, very tough morning for these top state department officials. >> all right. roslyn jordan in washington, thank you. >>> protesters in kenya have been calling for the government to take action against mena cuesed of gang raping a six between-year-old girl. the case has caused widespread anger because instead of a lengthy jail sen
seigenthaler in new york. here are the top stories. president obama says his administration is reviewing the nsa policy on spying, after weeks of protests from the european nations about ease droving on world leaders. a european delegation is in washington this week talking about spying reports with u.s. government officials. 26 young men will soon receive a payout totalling $60 million from penn state university. the school is giving this settlement to victims abused by jerry sandusky a little more after
. >> i think a lot of comments we heard at the beginning of the segment. president obama said so many sometimes if you like the plan you get to keep it. it was a mantra. if you like the plan you get to keep it. now the administration has to live with this. it sounds like bait and switch. >> and somewhere in the regulationings there would be zoosome grandfathered plans but anything that doesn't meet the law would be illegal. we knew kind of this would happen. we didn't think in terms of millions of people. they did have if buried in the regulations and 7 67% of the people in the individual market may well lose their policy. >> individual consumers may not upped understood. >> and they may not under stand what they get in the mail. >> wednesday on america tonight we are going to have an exclusive report from al jazeera investigative unit. josh bernstein has the story on alleged political corruption in california. >> i'm investigative reporter josh bern stein. we have the recorded conversations and the f.b.i.'s yvettsecret files and only al ja america has the details. >> findings new lif
country. >> for other technology companies, as well. thanks so much. >> president obama is fiercely depending the affordable care act. >> while members of his administration apologize for the health care website shortfalls. democrats and republicans weigh in on whether obamacare can be saved. >> a village in norway installs massive mirrors on its mountainside. >> the nation's largest lands fill is closing. where thousands of tons of trash 50 stories high will have to be moved. >> the boston red sox captured another world series championship. we'll have the sights and sounds from bean town in just a bit. >> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back t
henry is yonge. did wrong. >> president obama's second term has gotten off to a rocky start. is he truly a new teflon president? what do you think? join the conversation on twitter and google plus and facebook pages. >> no white house administration in modern times has been without scandals. the president seems to float above the grey. grey -- fray. and with the affordable care website still on life support, they have apologized for the problems before the house ways and means committee. when dave camp asked when congress will know how many people enrolled in obamacare he ran into a stonewall. >> folks are still in the process of enrolling and we'll have the numbers available in mid november. >> you have no numbers on who has enrolled you have no no ide. >> we'll get those numbers in mid november. we'll get those numbers in mid november. >> how do you not know how howy people have enroll. >> we'll get those numbers in mid november. we'll get those numbers in mid november. >> and down the hall. >> these are caused by human error or technical problems. >> nothing that has been released ha
president obama was briefed on the surveillance of angela merkel's phone in 2010 and fast tracked any information gathered directly to the white house. in the past few days anonymous administration officials told the media that was false and the white house review only discovered the surveillance of u.s. leaders in summer. the bugging of angela merkel e ended immediately afterwards. it's about the surveillance of tens of millions of its constituents. >> just needs to be rebuilt. we need to find out why this kind of thing is happening and what kind of trust has to be rebuilt. in the end we're fighting a battle in terms of security. we need to get that balance right. we're concerned too about security and we made that very clear but also there needs to be a balance struck with privacy of citizens and i think these frank exchanges must need to be rebuild that very are the important trust. >>> house chairman mike rogers, he says europeans should be grateful because it's keeping them safe. officials are briefing journalists that detailing their cooperation in the dragnet surveillance of th
president obama was briefed on the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel's phone in 2010 and fast tracked any information gathered correctly to the white house. in the fast few days anonymous administration officials told the u.s. media that was false. and that a white house review only discovered the surveillance of world leaders in the summer. the bugging of merkel's phone ended soon after. for european parliamentary delegation its visit to washington is about more than the bugging of world leaders. it's about the surveillance of 10s of millions of its con stitcconnecticut stitchconstitu. >> trust has to be rebuilt. and what kind of trust needs to be rebuilt. in the end we are fighting a battle in terms of security, we need to get that balance right. we are concerned, too, about security and we made that very clear. but also there is a balance to be struck with privacy of citizens and i think these frank exchange need to rebuild that very important trust. >> reporter: their first meeting, however, was with the house intelligence committee chairman mike rodgers. he says europeans
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